holy month



                                                   HOLU MONTH  

Ramadan Mubarak. Every Muslim in the world must be to participate in holy month

With reading more from the holy Koran and paying many alms to the poor .

many people are  accustomed like young gester to play dice or card or football to loss a time  .as you know my brother this month in which the  Koran was revealed so we

Should focus  on reading many holy Koran and ask all him forguence and repent  to

Allah .the first required very Muslim adult with as an mind

and good health is required to fast except from fasting traveling

And woman in menstruation or in delivery period an and the break

Feeling if they fear for their children but they must make up for

The missed day if Allah say .


 the virtues of suhur :peace be upon him said [eat asuhur  for

There are blessings it ] as you know the suhur  gives more energy

Makes the fast easier for you another hadith saying our prophet

[Pbut] said [the predawn meal is blossedi’ so do not neglect it

Even if you only take a sip of water .verily Allah and the angels pray

For those who have predawn meets.

The best time of suhur delaying suhur is asunah the prophet Mohamed

[pbuh] said the people will remain on the right path as long as

They hasten the  iftar and delay taking suihur .{abu-dawod}


Traditionally of Islam three dates are  eaten he

iftar that was traditionally of prophet Mohamed. you must break

the fast with some juice or some milk and then go mosque when

the sunset or disk prayer  is performed brother you can recite

After breaking the fast .the invocation is [allahuma for you sake

I have fasted and now I break the fast with the fiord that comes

from you ]

brother Muslim this is sunnah of prophet Mohamed [pbuh] you

Must be to follow our messenger.





                      BY:ABDUFATAH ABDU AZIZ{IBNU ABDU AZI Z                               












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